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Property For Sale In WisbechThe conveyancing process of buying or selling a home is a complex administrative process that requires specialist skills to ensure that all of the appropriate searches are conducted and all relevant legal aspects of the sale or purchase are thoroughly investigated.

Whilst it is important to appoint an experienced conveyancing solicitor to act on your behalf, it is also important that you have a basic understanding of what the house conveyancing process involves, in order to manage this vitally important part of the process effectively.

The following information will help to demystify the house conveyancing process!

Conveyancing Process (Buying) – My property guide | London …
House Price Data; Mortgage Calculator; … Conveyancing Process (Buying) The following is a general guide to the conveyancing procedure when buying a property:

“Once you have told the solicitor that you wish to use their services you should receive a Letter of Engagement or Confirmation of Terms of Business. You should sign and return this as soon as possible so that they can start work. Funds will be requested to cover initial expenditure such as the cost of the searches. Your solicitor will write to the seller’s solicitor to confirm that they are instructed and request the draft contract. This should arrive with a pack that includes information on the property’s title and the standard forms completed by the seller. If the property is leasehold a copy of the lease will also be included. Many people buy houses in joint names and, as such, need to be aware of an important decision to be made in relation to joint ownership.”


First Time Buyers Guide to Conveyancing | Barcan Woodward
First-time buyers guide to conveyancing. Buying your first home is a thrilling experience and taking that first step on the rung of the property ladder is one that many people aspire to make. But the legal process can be complex and drawn-out, …

“Buying your first home is a thrilling experience and taking that first step on the rung of the property ladder is one that many people aspire to make. But the legal process can be complex and drawn-out, with many different stages that need to be completed. So to help you along, we’ve compiled this simple guide to conveyancing which outlines the steps you’ll go through as you buy your first property, from your offer being accepted to collecting the keys to your new home.”


Check out the following video for a detailed explanation on the house conveyancing process

The Conveyancing Process explained – video with Eddie Goldsmith

“A vodcast from Unbiased.co.uk (http://www.unbiased.co.uk) on the Conveyancing process explained by Eddie Goldsmith. The path to buying and selling a property…”

TheAdvisory.co.uk: Conveyancing Process, House Moving Costs …
The house conveyancing process can often feel as if it’s shrouded in mystery – some kind of “dark art”.

“Why Does The Conveyancing Of A House Take so Long? Given that for a typical property the average house conveyancing timescale is around 8-12 weeks, you may be a little dismayed to learn that there’s only about 8-10 hours of actual work involved. Unfortunately for you, it’s not quite that simple: The unpredictability of chains and the negotiation of completion dates, The mortgage application and approval process, The woeful inefficiency of Local Authorities, The added complexity of dealing with leasehold or “share of freehold” property, The pursuit of larger profit margins leading to sub-standard levels of service from the overworked employees of many conveyancing firms… These are the culprits that turn the 10hr job of conveyancing into a stressful and frustration ordeal.”


Conveyancing process explained: For Buyers | HomeOwners Alliance
This is a guide to the conveyancing procedure when buying a home. Conveyancing involves legally transferring home ownership from the seller to the buyer.

“Who does the conveyancing? A solicitor or conveyancer usually conducts the conveyancing process, but it is possible (although difficult) to do it yourself as long as you are not taking out a mortgage. For more on the difference between solicitors and conveyancers, see Finding the right solicitor or conveyancer?. For information on doing conveyancing yourself, see Should I do conveyancing myself?”


You may also find this house conveyancing video of interest.

Online Conveyancing: A New Hope!

“The expert conveyancing staff at 1st Property Lawyers take you on a guided tour of their conveyancing HQ and talk you through the conveyancing process.”

Please note that that the conveyancing process in Scotland differs slightly from the process in England and Wales.

How long does the average conveyancing process take?

On average it should take between 8-12 weeks to complete the process, from the date a conveyancing solicitor has been instructed.

However, it is virtually impossible to provide an accurate time scale, as each property transaction will have its own unique set of issues, including buyers and sellers with a wide range of different circumstances.

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