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With UK house prices on the increase once again, now would be a good time to take the plunge and sell your house, if you are keen to make a move to pastures new.

If you wish to sell your property you will need to decide if you will use a traditional estate agent or sell your house direct. With average savings of over £4,000, attempting to sell your house direct is a growing trend. The opportunity to sell your house direct is now much easier, thanks to the internet and the numerous online property websites that will advertise your property for a fraction of the cost of selling via an estate agent.

It is estimated that over 82% of potential buyers will start their search for a new property online, so it makesa lot of  sense to tap into this growing market.

To help you to understand more about the benefits and opportunities available to sell your house direct, please review the following articles and videos.

The HouseWeb Guide Selling Your House
Guide to Selling your house privately. … The UK’s Property Portal … using HouseWeb to sell their property direct on the Internet, saving thousands in the process.

“Did you know that over one-in-twenty properties are sold without an agent? With the advent of the Internet and HouseWeb, selling without an estate agent is now a very real alternative. The average saving of property sold using HouseWeb is over £4,000. It really works! With over 100,000 house hunters visiting HouseWeb each month, we’ve created the first and largest online marketplace for homeowners to sell direct.”

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How to Sell Your Property Fast Yourself and Without a Real Estate Agent UK
How to Sell Your Property Without an Agent UK. Selling your house in UK with a real estate agent could cost you a fortune but…..

10 steps to selling your home without an estate agent | Money …
Here are our top 10 steps to selling your house without an agent. …. DirectGov is another useful site (direct.gov.uk) and The Law Society can …

“On average, people hand over 1.8 per cent of the sale price of their home to an agent in return for a valuation, photographs, listing in branch and online and supplying a sale board, according to a survey by Which?. On a £300,000 property that’s £5,400. Unsurprisingly, many sellers are starting to wonder if they could do a better job themselves. So is it possible? Here are our top 10 steps to selling your house without an agent.”

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How to Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent | money.co.uk
We guide you through a step-by-step approach of selling your house without the … the sale I knew exactly what was going on as I was in direct contact with the …

“Selling your house will always involve unavoidable fees and expenses, but does hiring an estate agent have to be one of them? There’s no denying that their services can be costly and you could save a bundle by cutting them out of the equation. By taking your property into your own hands it’s possible to make a sale without the help of estate agent – we show you how.”

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Selling Property Without a Real Estate Agent UK – SlideShare

Home sellers could escape estate agent fees under Government …
TV property guru, who runs the UK’s largest … We saved £ 7,500 in estate agent fees: How selling your own home online …..

“Home sellers will more easily be able to avoid handing over thousands in fees to estate agents under Government proposals to remove restrictions on websites that allow vendors to advertise direct to the public. The changes could loosen the stranglehold that estate agents enjoy over property sales, and drive down fees that typically account for about 2 per cent of a property’s sale price.”

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How Do You Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent in UK Learn With This Vedio & Online
If you want to sell your house online & without an estate agent without hassle free & want to know How Do You Sell Your House Without an Estate Agent UK then…

Savvy Money: Going private to sell your house could pay off – Spend …
Apr 27, 2013 … I’d almost stopped looking for the signs of spring. You know, daffodils in the garden, warmer weather and … estate agents gleefully anticipating …

“Don’t even think about putting your house on a private-sale website if you’re not prepared to show buyers around, answer their questions and deal directly with them. Some private sellers find it all more straightforward without an agent, but house buying can do funny things to people (some buyers turn into demanding yet fickle – monsters!)”

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lovehome.co.uk: How to sell your home privately – UKTV
Thinking about selling your home? Capitalise on the sale and avoid estate agent costs by selling it privately.

“There are three ways to sell your home privately:

  • Through a private sale website: To market your property online can be free or cost up to about £200, depending on the advertisement package. Generally, the more money you spend, the stronger the sell will be: via photos, 360- degree tours, etc. Research before you register and opt for established companies with easy-to-navigate sites.
  • Through the newspaper: The advertising newspaper Loot is available nationwide and local editions for London, Manchester and Liverpool are also available. Contact your library to find out more.
  • Through word of mouth: Word of mouth is a powerful tool without the need for an estate agent or advertising.”

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We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and that you have found some useful tips and advice to help you decide if this is a worthwhile opportunity for you to save a significant amount of money, by selling your property direct.

If you are thinking of moving you may be interested in viewing this four bedroom Detached House For Sale By Owner, in Cambridgeshire.

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