The Best Ways To Manage Fixtures and Fittings

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Among the most aggravating elements of purchasing a residential property can be negotiating over fittings and fixtures.

A fixture is something that is permanently fixed to the wall, floor or ceiling of a home. A fitting is something that is freestanding or something that is secured to the walls or ceiling by a screw, nail or hook and so on.

The most usual products in each classification are as follows:


  • Light switches
  • Central heating, including radiators and boilers
  • Inbuilt closets and cabinets
  • Fitted kitchens, including integrated ovens, refrigerators, freezers and dish washers
  • Bathroom suites, consisting of bath, toilet, sink and anything else that’s permanently fixed to the property
  • Plug sockets


  • Carpets, rugs and other types of floor coverings
  • Mirrors or paintings
  • Curtains, curtain rails and blinds
  • Free-standing ovens, refrigerators and dish washers
  • Beds, sofas and various other free-standing products or furnishings
  • Lampshades
  • TV aerials and dish antenna

Are they worth arguing over?

It depends upon the state of the home and the fittings and fixtures included. If you are purchasing a house that requires major renovation, then perhaps not. However, if you are planning to move directly into the home, then you should be sure exactly what products are included in the sale.

The added expense of fittings and fixtures can accumulate extremely rapidly, specifically when it concerns items like furnishings, carpets/floor coverings and curtains.

Put in the time to clarify all of the information. It will avoid possible disputes throughout the procedure and may save you rather a bit of cash.

Include the most crucial fixtures and fittings within your purchase offer

When purchasing a property, disagreements and misconceptions are all too typical and there is no law to determine exactly what ought to be kept or taken. The seller can take every little thing, however they should make it clear exactly what they are prepared to leave. As part of the conveyancing procedure, your lawyers will produce a comprehensive inventory of all the fixtures and fittings that form part of the sales agreement.

Be sensible and fair

A foolproof method of losing out on the fittings and components you need is to come across as aggressive or demanding. Be sensible and friendly and bear in mind that the seller has no responsibility to leave anything.

Likewise, begin considering exactly what modifications you could want to make to the Residential Property as rapidly as possible, so that you do not wind up suggesting and possibly jeopardising the entire sale, over something you are most likely to toss out anyhow.

You may not wind up with every little thing you wish for. Nonetheless, if you are organised, in advance and reasonable, a possibly difficult part of the sales procedure ought to go off without any problems.

We hope that you have found this article about the best ways to manage fixtures and fittings helpful. Please feel free to comment below and share this information with your friends and family.

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